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Ethnic/Religious Lists Ethnic/Religious Lists
561Hispanic Households
612Affluent Hispanic & Afro-American Prospects
613Wealthy Minorities
649Ethnic Professionals & Executives At Home Address
650Ethnic Donors At Home Address
651High Net Worth Minorities At Home Address
653Professionals & Executives By Religion
654Donors By Religion
655Indian Prospects By Age And/Or Income
656Japanese Prospects By Age And/Or Income
657Korean Prospects By Age And/Or Income
658Vietnamese Prospects By Age And/Or Income
659Chinese Prospects By Age And/Or Income
660African-American Prospects By Age And/Or Income
661Hispanic Pre-Retirement Prospects
662Hispanic Young Families
663Hispanic Seniors
664Female Hispanic & Afro-American Heads-of-Households
665Asian Prospects By Age And/Or Income
667African-American Pre-Retirement Prospects
668African-American Young Families
669African-American Seniors
673Asian Female Heads-of-Households
675Prospects By Religion/Protestant
676Prospects By Religion/Catholic
677Prospects By Religion/Jewish
678Prospects By Religion/Islamic
679Prospects By Religion/Buddhist
list Back to list categories
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Mailing & Telemarketing Lists

Ethnic/Religious Lists

Click on any list on menu to the left, to view a description of that list and/or to obtain counts, via e-mail, in your local marketing area (and/or to place a list order).
Immediate, on-line counts, however, are available for any list printed in bold type.
Same Day List Fulfillment
Order any list to the left, in bold type, and receive it via e-mail, within six hours, if ordered by 12:30 PM, Eastern Time, otherwise by 11:00 AM the following business day.
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Ordering A List
If you find a list you're potentially interested in ordering, place it in your "shopping cart" and follow the instructions provided. Remember, however, that placing a list in your cart is not ordering it. You can change your selections or cancel your potential order up to the moment you "check out" - and actually place your order.
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If you don't find a list that meets your needs, or have questions, or need help in targeting a specific market, or simply would rather place your order with a list account representative, call 1-800-547-LIST for assistance.