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Mailing & Telemarketing Lists

Targeted Prospect Lists

We invite you to explore the industry's largest selection of targeted prospecting lists. Each of the major list categories to the left offers numerous opportunities to target financial prospects in a way never before possible. To view descriptions of each of the lists within each category, simply click on the category of interest and a drop down menu will appear, identifying all the lists available within that category. Then, click on the list of interest for a complete description and instructions on how to obtain counts and/or order the list.
Lists in bold type, within each category heading, can be ordered online and delivered to you via e-mail within six hours, if ordered by 12:30 PM Eastern Time, otherwise by 11:00 AM the following business day.
To view all lists alphabetically, numerically, or by category heading, select from the following options:
Index of lists:
If you know the number of the list you would like to order, or obtain counts for, enter it here.
Build Your Own List
Click on "Build Your Own List", on the menu to the left, to create your own personalized list using up to ten (10) different demographic and financial characteristics. Then get counts in your local marketing area for the list created and order online if you wish.

Mailing Lists
Read Carefully
Answers To Commonly Asked Questions!

Note: As CIS's files are continually being updated, list counts may vary slightly from the actual number of names available. Be assured however, you will only be charged for the number of names actually provided.
We're Here To Help.
If you don't find a list that meets your needs, or have questions, or need help in targeting a specific market, or simply would rather place your order with a list account representative, call 1-800-547-LIST for assistance.