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A Dynamic, Low Cost,
Direct Mail Program
That Works!

Order Online!

Express Lead Mailers... the turnkey solution to your direct mail prospecting needs.

Here's why...

Express Lead Mailers target prospects using an advanced new list technology that identifies individuals whose personal, financial, and demographic characteristics "clone" those of known buyers of financial products.
Each mailer has been designed to hit a prospect's "hot button" by the use of concise, concept driven headlines and text.
And, most importantly... each mailer has been designed to maximize response quality, as it's the quality of response that ultimately leads to appointments and sales.

Here's what you get...

A two-color, 4" x 9" card, custom printed with a targeted message, enclosed in a #10 window envelope, and mailed to highly targeted prospects.
An appropriately targeted mailing list with a free copy forwarded to you by e-mail.
Standard Rate outgoing postage.
First Class response postage with replies returnable to CIS's processing center.
Responses forwarded to you, as received, via an e-mailed PDF containing a scanned copy of the returned card.
All required mail processing services.
Put the power of "Express Lead Mailers" to work for you.
More Qualified Prospects!   More Targeted Message!
More Commissions Earned!

Express Lead Mailers
Read Carefully
Answers To Commonly Asked Questions!

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