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The ultimate in target marketing

Identify prospects whose demographic and financial
characteristics clone those of your best prospects.

Now, for the first time, on a cost-efficient basis, companies, regions or territories can effectively target prospects having a greater than usual propensity to purchase their products.

Building on the accepted premise that a company's best prospects are those who possess the exact same characteristics as those of its best customers, CIS has developed a program that analyzes a representative sample of a client's customer base, searches for common characteristics, and then selects from its database, prospects with the exact same characteristics, thus, in effect, creating a prospect list that clones existing customers.

Currently, up to 75 unique demographic, psychographic, and financial characteristics can be identified on more than 225 million individuals in CIS's residential database. Each can be used as the basis for a comparison analysis.

Case studies have shown that prospect names generated through our profiling program are 20% - 40% more likely to purchase products offered by our clients than prospects targeted simply by age, income, net worth or similar criteria. It should also be noted that our program is based on actual verified individual data and not on census information, or median or average statistics.

Join the technological revolution. Increase the return on your marketing dollars. Call Marty Glasser at 1-800-547-5478 ext. 102, for complete details, or click on the "Information Request" sidebar.