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Who Will You Invite?

How Will You Get Them To Attend?

Most financial sales representatives significantly underestimate the importance of the invitation process in motivating seminar attendance. "Invite them and they will come" is a concept whose time has passed. Today's more competitive market demands that prospects be motivated by bold headlines, "hot button" phrases, attractive type styles, sophisticated addressing methods and quality materials.

That's why it's time to explore "Seminars Plus", CIS’s turnkey, invitation program with a 35-year history of filling seminars with qualified prospects.

This outstanding invitation program does it all:

  • Targets potential prospects using an advanced new list technology.
  • Offers a choice of 14 market-tested, graphically compelling Wedding Style invitations.
  • Assists with the drafting of personalized seminar text.
  • Provides geographic exclusivity on the weeks before, during, and after the seminar.
  • Provides a free advance copy of the list for "scrubbing".
  • Calligraphy addresses the outer envelopes.
  • Qualifies the mailing for postal automation discounts.
  • Affixes postage by stamp to encourage opening.
  • E-mails a FREE copy of the list, coded with the prospects' age and estimated household income.
  • Forwards 25 FREE, non-addressed, invitation packages for you to mail to prospects of your choosing.

Program Options:

  • Seminar admission tickets.
  • RSVP telephone reservation and confirmation call services.

It's no accident that these high quality invitations out pull all other communication methods. Recipients respond because the look and feel of the invitations impart a sense of importance to the event. And for you that speaks volumes about your professionalism.