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Business Lists

200.  Owners And/Or Presidents Of Privately Held Companies

201.  Home Based Businesses

207.  Corporate

Chairmen, Presidents, Partners & CEO's

212.  Smaller Businesses (Public or Private)

218.  Top Management At Publicly Traded Companies

219.  Recently Formed Businesses

616.  The Business Owner Fax Database

Hi-Income Prospects
399.  The Affluent Elite With 1Million in Investable Assets
409.  Heads-Of-Households Residing In Expensive Homes
431.  Cultural, Health, Educational & Religious Contributors
585.  The $100,000+ Per Year Head-Of-Household
594.  The Incredible List
600.  Individuals By Net Worth
617 Individuals by Investable Assets
615.  Republican Donor Masterfile
402.  Accredited Investor Prospects
 493.  Financial Respondents
592.  Bond Buyer Prospects
593.  Investor Prospect Database
602.  Mutual Fund Investors

Annuity Prospects
436.  Non-Profit Organizations
462.  Teachers At Home Address
465.  Health Facility --Operational & Supervisory Personnel
577.  Annuity Prospects​

Recruiting Lists
109.  Recent College Grads
202.  Cottage Business Owners
211.  Owner's Of Very Small Businesses (Companies With 1 - 4 Employees)
429.  Blue Collar Workers At Home Address
461.  Teachers At Home Address
563.  The Middle Management Profile
564.  Real Estate Brokers & Agents
565.  Licensed Life & Health Agents
574.  Female Heads - Of - Households
588.  Female Business Owners
632.  Recent Parents
633.  Financial Planners At Home Or Business Address
634.  Business Owners & Executives At Home Address
904.  Registered Representatives At Home Or Business Address
905.  Sales & Mid-Level Marketing Executives​

Targeted Prospect Lists

Listed below is a comprehensive compilation of mailing and telemarketing lists offering numerous opportunities to target financial prospects in a way never before possible. Once you have identified a list of interest, please call 800-547-LIST(5478) and one of our account executives would be pleased to answer all your questions concerning the list as well as provide a count of available names in your designated marketing area together with the list price.

Most lists can be delivered to you via e-mail within six hours, if ordered by 12:30 PM Eastern Time, otherwise by 11:00 AM the following business day. All lists are GUARANTEED TO BE 95% DELIVERABLE BY MAIL.  Telephone numbers are available with all names at business address and are available with lists at home address where permitted by law.

All names at home address are processed through the Federal “Do Not Call” database, all State “Do Not Call” databases, the Direct Marketing Association “Do Not Mail Registry “, the Social Security “Deceased” file, and the US Post Office “National Change of Address” file to further assure accuracy.

Create Your Own List - Our Most Popular List Offering
Build your own list using any combination of the following factors:  Gender, Age, Marital status, Type of Dwelling Unit Occupied, Age of Children Living in the Household (if any). Religion, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Investible assets and Length of residency at the known address.

To create your own list Call 800-547-LIST(5478) to speak with an account executive  who will guide you through the process.

Family Lists & Lists By Age

105.  Generation X Prospects

107.  High School And/Or College Students

112.  Young Families With Children

114.  Baby Boomers

115.  Parents Of High School Age Children

120.  Parents Of Children Attending College

124.  Mature Adults – Ages 50+

127.  Grandparents

129.  Medicare Supplement Prospects

130.  Senior Citizens

Target Marketing by Industry
172.  Management Information Executives
275.  Banking Executives
278.  Executives By Industry
284.  High Tech Executives (At Home Or Business Address)
285.  Contractor/Construction Masterfile (At Home Or Business Address)
287.  Occupational Database

Female Lists
317.  Wealthy Women At Home Address
320.  Working Mothers
321.  Female Executives
322.  Divorced / Separated / Widowed Women
574.  Female Heads - Of - Households
588.  Female Business Owners
619.  Wives Of Millionaires
640.  Female Professionals & Executives At Home Address

Ethnic/Religious Lists
561.  Hispanic Households
612.  Affluent Hispanic & Afro-American Prospects
613.  Wealthy Minorities
649.  Ethnic Professionals & Executives At Home Address
650.  Ethnic Donors At Home Address
651.  High Net Worth Minorities At Home Address
653.  Professionals & Executives By Religion
654.  Donors By Religion
655.  Indian Prospects By Age And/Or Income
656.  Japanese Prospects By Age And/Or Income
657.  Korean Prospects By Age And/Or Income
658.  Vietnamese Prospects By Age And/Or Income
659.  Chinese Prospects By Age And/Or Income
660.  African-American Prospects By Age And/Or Income
661.  Hispanic Pre-Retirement Prospects
662.  Hispanic Young Families
663.  Hispanic Seniors
664.  Female Hispanic & Afro-American Heads-Of-Households
665.  Asian Prospects By Age And/Or Income
667.  African-American Pre-Retirement Prospects
668.  African-American Young Families
669.  African-American Seniors
673.  Asian Female Heads-Of-Households
675.  Prospects By Religion/Protestant
676.  Prospects By Religion/Catholic
677.  Prospects By Religion/Jewish
678.  Prospects By Religion/Islamic
679.  Prospects By Religion/Buddhist

List of Available Lists:

Unique Financial Markets

106.  Pre-Retirement Prospects

116.  Disability Prospects

117.  Mortgage Acceleration Prospects

119.  Long-Term Health Care Prospects

121.  Second To Die Life Prospects

122.  Money Management Prospects

435.  Recent Moves (Within One Year)

543.  Geographic Radius Marketing

562.  Current IRA Holders

576.  College Funding Prospects

584.  C/D Alternative Prospects

614.  Retirement & Investment Planning Prospects

624.  Roth IRA Prospects

625.  Education IRA & Section 529 Prospects

666.  Final Expense Prospects

670.  Early Retirement Prospects

671.  Retirement Prospects

672.  Term Life Prospects

241.  Top & Upper Middle Management Executives
243.  Executive Elite
245.  Second Tier Executives
251.  Executive Fax Database
566.  Middle Management Executives At Home Address
596.  Business Owners, Presidents, & CEO's At Home Address
599.  Senior Management Executives At Home Address
634.  Business Owners & Executives At Home Address
635.  Corporate Executives (By Age) At Home Address

Medical Professionals
137.  Interns/Medical Residents
139.  Nurses
315.  Therapists
580.  The Medical Professional Database
598.  Health Professionals At Home Address
553.  Dentists At Office Address
554.  Doctors At Office Address​

Sub-Standard & Preferred Risk
360.  Hearing Impaired Americans
361.  Motorcycle Enthusiasts
364.  Physical Fitness Buffs
365.  Vision Impaired Americans
366.  Prospects With Medical Problems
367.  Overweight Prospects

Community  & Family Lists
111.  Condominium Owners
400.  The $50,000+ Per Year Head-Of-Household
401.  The $75,000+ Per Year Head-Of-Household
526.  Apartment Dwellers
527.  Homeowners
529.  The $35,000+ Per Year Head-Of-Household
906 Young Families (Families with children by age of children)

Non-Medical Professionals
171.  Accountants At Business Address
173.  Engineers
174.  Pharmacists At Home Address
180.  CPA's At Home Address
556.  Attorneys In Private Practice
557.  Attorneys